Got some feedback on my essay-in-progress. Most insightful comment (and the one I hear most often in response to my drafts): Don’t wait so long to get to the good stuff. Too much wind-up, too much delaying. Timing, pacing, and organizing…same as it ever was. I wonder if I’ll ever get to a point when I don’t have this problem. I think I know how to fix it (condense and cut), but the effort will require some concentrated time alone…not in the cards this weekend.


2 thoughts on “drafting

  1. Dear Laura,

    It’s so funny that you keep returning to that issue because it also haunts me. I’m always wondering how much set-up I’ll need before adding my own voice and ideas.

    Btw, I’m at Purdue now, almost finished with Orientation week. I feel much more confident than I did two years ago–thanks to the training I received at UC! Everything is going well… I like my “cohort” (as they call it here). Oddly, it’s six men and four women (or for the PhD students alone it’s five men and two women)–quite different for me! My syllabus is coming together. I’ll be teaching a poster analysis, editorial, research paper, and PSA design/pitch letter. I’m very excited and LOVE my beautiful bike ride through the cornfields every morning and afternoon. I promise to keep you updated.

    How’s that draft coming along now that it’s been a couple weeks? Did you get that alone time you needed?


    • Thanks for your note, Katie! So good to hear from you. What a lovely way to start and finish the day–riding through cornfields. Sounds whimsical…sounds like a movie title.

      Got that draft in decent shape and sent it out. I ended up cutting whole sections and moving up the juicy bits toward the middle. Much more readable draft, I think (Gary helped me kick it into shape).

      Please do keep me posted on what’s happening with you. Interesting gender dynamics in the program–I’m kind of surprised. Good luck with your class…nice variety of assignments.


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